By | April 28, 2020

You are waiting for the DISPLAYED

You think while meeting someone you should be your true self and try to have a meaningful conversation with the other person. And in your opinion, the first impression is not the last. This is one of the many ways you can try if you have more appointments with the same person. You want a person with whom you feel that every date with them is like a first date for you. You are waiting for this person to make you feel that way every time.

You are tired of the dating culture and need a break

After a point in a forced relationship, you come to the point of giving up and are extremely exhausted to continue. You have disappointed your self-esteem more than you should. You always give them a chance; However, they almost always fail. After a certain point you have to leave this relationship if you want to maintain your mental health. It has to be mutual and you shouldn't just go on a date to do it.

You must breathe and heal your soul and heart before returning to the field of action. It is never the case that we cannot find the right person; In reality we are never ready or have the right to be that suitable person. If we are right, we can get the DISPLAYED so quickly.

A relationship is not child's play, we can play it once and then forget it. Relationships take time and space to nurture. It requires hard work, energy, will and, above all, eternal love. If these things are not there, you can never experience the fruits of the plants that we sow.

You have no sense of personal responsibility for your own well-being

People come together in a relationship to help each other grow and share the love they deserve. It can never be one-sided. So if someone has no responsibility for their own wellbeing in this sense, how can someone expect something from them? It is the main reason why people stay single.

You have to spend time in a relationship and be charming and decent. You have to stop looking for outside pleasures and you have to look for love from within. One should direct their energy into personal development and not for an endless slide straight into an online dating app. The right person will come at exactly the right time.

Because of traumas and personal experiences, you equate love with pain

Because of childhood or adulthood trauma, our brains seem to sense even the slightest hint of love for fraud and pain. Our brain or ourselves cannot tolerate such betrayal again, so we try to avoid it at all costs. The idea of ​​singleness also gives everyone a feeling of independence and no emotional responsibility.

To avoid the above scenario, we should try to understand the causes of these trauma and to solve them. And take these traumas as lessons to remember in the future.

If we firmly believe in the idea that relationships are deadly and hurtful, they feed negatively on our subconscious, which inadvertently controls our consciousness. We call that instinct. Once you force your consciousness to let go of the unconscious trauma, it is easier to continue in life.

You appreciate your time alone more than a few times

Most of the time when a person makes their career their main goal, they cannot excel in other aspects of life such as love, gratitude, and consideration. He or she may cry for loneliness, but it is your responsibility. It is important to separate professional life from private life and give everyone the same meaning.

After a certain age, when professional life becomes constant, it is too late to waste time and energy on a relationship because until then they are used to this lifestyle and feel uncomfortable when someone tries to enter or enter it .

Don't get me wrong, they really want to have a relationship, but at the moment they only have the energy and tolerance to build a loving relationship.

You know what and who can make you happy, but you are still waiting for the right moment

You understand what can make you happy and what it takes to keep it going. You even know the people you can connect with. You want them to fight for the connection you're looking for, but still wait for the right moment and mood when you take the plunge. The keen feeling of satisfaction, happiness and security is important to you.