How Your Shoes Identify Who You Are

Hipster shoes

Hipsters have evolved over the years since the 1950s and you can tell just by the type of shoes that a hipster could wear. These shoes can include cowboy boots, sneakers, vintage shoes, various flats, or other wacky shoes.

That being said, these shoes would also form a good combo with the rest of the hipster look. First, the shoes need to fit with their socks and also work well with their glasses too.

Expensive Shoes For The Wealthy

While you'd think those rolling in billions wouldn't buy sneakers, there are sneakers out there that cost way more money than any pair of dress shoes. Either way, if you see someone wearing some gaudy shoes, this is a clear sign this person has money and is usually aggressive, disrespectful, and obnoxious.

These are the people who will go out and buy the most expensive shoes on the market all so they can flaunt their wealth.

This is key because these shoes don’t even have to look good at all. So long as these shoes aren’t affordable by the majority of people, they’ll take it.

Flashy Shoes For Superficial Girls

Not to say guys can't be superficial, but in cases of footwear of this type, 99% of the time it’s women sporting this footwear. For this in particular, this is the type of person who wants to make an appearance and put on a spectacle for only a moment.

Because if you look more at it, the more it starts to lose it's flashiness.

While it's flashy for sure, there isn't a whole lot of appeal of seeing a girl strutting with pointy-toed pumps that contrast with her satin slingback. These girls aren't the brightest, but they sure put on a flashy show.

The Mass Collection Of Boxed Shoes For The Stressed

Call it a hoarding problem, but those who are stressed will often have boxes upon boxes of new shoes waiting in their closest. Why so many shoes? So they have a pair of shoes for the proper occasion.

Every new event is a reason for them to go and buy some more shoes whether it's for a birthday party, a wedding, going on a new date, etc.

They'd stop if they could, but this is more of a mental thing than anything else. Some researchers have suggested that these impulses are due to worry about appearance or being judged.