How Your Shoes Identify Who You Are

Cheap Worn-Down Shoes For The "Liberals"

Not to get political here, but you'll find those who are "frugal" to be the ones settling with bottom of the barrel footwear. We're talking about dirty shoes, any shoes bought second-hand or are dirty.

These people may not be liberal in the literal sense, but these are the people who care about the practicality of footwear. If it covers their feet during cold weather, that's good enough.

Work boots for hard workers

These are the neighborhood handy-men and women. Whether it's a personal project or a heavy duty job, those with these boots are practical and have ways of fixing things one way or another.

Mixed Colored Sneakers For The Versatile

As mentioned, sneakers are generally associated with those with a lot of energy. But this rule applies to any kind of sneaker, not just simple designed ones. Think of these shoes as the Nike ones with various colors and laces with a unique – but thematic – pattern.

The thing with these sneakers is these belong to any age group.