How Your Shoes Identify Who You Are

Sneakers For The Energetic

According to fashion specialists, those who are always wearing sneakers are energetic and youthful. These are the walkers, joggers, sprinters of the world. You can walk up to them and chat with them with ease and are usually helpful folk too.

Loafers For Perfectionists

Loafers are comfortable, but when they are the shoes of choice, they can describe people as detail-driven and responsible individuals. They are also a perfectionist, ensuring every detail is covered properly.

Dazzling Heels For Insecure Types

While we don’t think much of it, it does make sense when you think more about it. Beautiful and fancy heels can bring in a lot of attention, but it's important they aren't too dazzling.

After all, heels that seem too high for the person or chunky can take away that beauty. And all that's left is a big tell that the person is insecure about their height or their looks.