How Your Shoes Identify Who You Are

Wedged Heels For Feminists

Heels are often portrayed as powerful, but one step above that these days is the wedged heels. From other fashionistas, they’ve said these heels are ideal for women who have a strong sense of self and know who they are. These are also great for women who are outgoing as well.

This can describe a feminist and it makes sense. After all, Kate Middleton, portrays these traits and she can often be seen wearing these types of shoes.

Flats for Confident Folk

Regardless of how you feel about these shoes, these are normally supported by two types of people: either super tall folk, and / or those confident in themselves.

Flats are more comfortable while standing and walking great distances. The idea with this is the wearer is focused on more important things than what they are wearing.

Knee-high boots for the flirty

There's something to be said about knee-high boots that people find sexy. That's likely because these boots are designed to display more of the legs. And there is something about legs that we find attractive.

While you won’t find guys wearing these in normal circumstances, these boots scream for attention for good reasons and women will strut around in these if they want it. Though the long and slender legs in some cases can be only an illusion.