How Your Shoes Identify Who You Are

Mountain Or Hiking Boots For The Adventurer

This one is an obvious one in most circumstances as you might’ve guessed. If you're dealing with steep or muddy terrain, you'll whip out these boots. However the adventurer is someone who whips these boots out for any occasion.

Going to the local market? They’ll wear these boots.

At a restaurant? Boot it up.

There are so many scenarios where these boots would make it unusual in these settings. Regardless, this is clear that the person loves their long treks through woods and forests.

Bright & Neon Shoes For The Partiers

If you were around in the 1990s you might remember the various commercials of shoes that light up. That or you recall them being an absolute must have if you were a raver who respected yourself.

Well, we're not in the 1990s any more, but that label has still carried on to this day. Anyone sporting these quirky shoes are often the extroverts.

Fancy Italian Leather Shoes For The Players

You know those guys. These guys are in a unique category in themselves. First, this category is exclusive to men. But don’t feel too disappointed ladies. This category is reserved for men who value his shoes like the very few other things in his life.

This type of man is someone who will not wear expensive pants or shirts, but his shoes will cost a much larger sum. Not only that, but any chance to show these shoes off, he'll take it.

Even at a beach in the summer heat.