By | April 13, 2020
Have you never worked from home? This viral Twitter thread would help you get started

With the corona virus spreading worldwide and more than 4,000 cases confirmed in the U.S. alone (at the time this article was written), many companies are asking employees to work from home to prevent the spread stop this death virus. While it is normal for some people to work from home, there is a significant population that is not exactly ready to make this transition. To find out how to work from home, you can get help from this viral Twitter thread, which offers tips on how this transition can be seamless.

So what are the tips?

On Sunday, famous planetary researcher Emily Lakdawalla asked experienced remote workers to share their experiences and useful tips on how to work effectively from home while avoiding all possible distractions. And people delivered.

Friends, as of this week a lot of people will be working from home, and for some it will be a difficult transition. * IF AND ONLY IF you have experience working from home *, please respond with tips on how to work effectively and avoid distractions!

– Emily Lakdawalla (@elakdawalla), March 8, 2020

Block the noise

Astroparticle physicist and cosmologist Sophia Gad-Nasr suggested that she often left her phone in one of the other rooms to work effectively and left it in silent mode for hours. Some of the other useful suggestions she shared were to fill the room with a lot of light and not work from the bed, apart from the fact that there is no TV.

She also asked people to use their earplugs or headphones to help them focus better while working.

I work from home most of the time anyway. My advice:

  • stay away from the television
  • If your bed triggers the nap mode, work in the living room. If not possible, fill the room with LIGHT (natural or desk lamp).
  • Place your phone on a different desk and put it aside for the hours you want to work

– Sophia Gad-Nasr (@Astropartigirl), March 8, 2020

Stick to your working hours

On the other hand, geophysicist and science communicator Mika McKinnon suggested that people set their working hours and stick to them, as doing so would otherwise take their entire time while hesitating about tasks and errands. Very useful suggestion, in my opinion!

Set and adhere to working hours. You can split the hours in the morning / evening with "Afternoon" or "Timeshift", but you still have fixed hours or you will be derailed all the time.

It's easy to be distracted by the flexibility to answer a social call, get involved in errands, or hesitate to do tasks.

– Mika McKinnon (@mikamckinnon), March 8, 2020

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