Check out the list of colors you shouldn't paint your home with

Avoid purple color in your bedroom

If you don't want to wake up all night, you should strictly avoid painting your bedroom in purple. According to a 2013 survey conducted by TravelodgeIt turned out that purple was the worst color that allowed a good night's sleep – and triggered nightmares. The survey also found that those who had purple walls in their bedrooms had an average of 6 hours of sleep a night.

Say no to yellow on the outside walls

According to Krishnan Archana, a do-it-yourself expert, undo all the beautiful designs and colors you have chosen for the interior by painting the exterior of your house yellow. And this is supported by data. After a 2018 Zillow Study of painting the exterior of a house yellow reduced the property's real estate value by a huge $ 3,000!

Use pink, but in moderation

Experts recommend painting the accent walls in pink. However, if you plan to paint an entire room pink, think again. According to CEO of T0 Do-Done, Tonya Bruin, pink is a color that does everything else.

She adds that regardless of whether it's a washroom, living room, or kitchen, if they're painted pink, you won't notice anything other than the fact that it's pink. And that's exactly the opposite of what everyone would want when painting their house. The idea of ​​painting is to ensure that it blends in with the aesthetics of the room and stays in the background. Pink simply fails because of this and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Do not use a mixture of green and brown in any room

Home design expert Sam Whittaker warns against the use of opaque couches or color mixing because it looks and feels very bile-like. He adds that it may be the worst color you can think of to paint your home.

In fact, the color is so unpopular that in 2012 an Australian team of advisors used the color mix for cigarette boxes and after months of research found that the color did not exactly prompt people to buy these cigarette boxes. So if you want people to stay away from your home, opaque couché should be the color of your house. If not, you should definitely avoid this.