Check out the list of colors you shouldn't paint your home with

Avoid brown in the living room

John Monte, an interior designer, believes that most shades of brown will not work for a living room unless you choose a few specific shades of brown.

This is especially true in smaller rooms where the use of dark brown tones should be a strict no-no. According to Monte, the room feels and looks extremely monotonous through the use of brown. If your space is relatively smaller, it will look even smaller.

And avoid it on the outside walls too

Sam Whittaker, an expert in home design, says that painting the exterior of a house in brown exudes a very boring and boring atmosphere. In addition, this affects the future appearance of the house and lowers its real estate value in the long term. Therefore, avoid painting the exterior of your house brown.

Don't go gray in the kitchen

Gray is undoubtedly a trendy color at the moment, and everyone is trying to use it in a shade that they like the most. However, using darker shades of gray in the kitchen is not a good idea. According to experts, this does not lead to loss, depression and inhospitality. In addition, this effect is serious even if your kitchen is relatively small and has no windows.