Check out the list of colors you shouldn't paint your home with

A lot is invested in the decoration and design of the interiors of your house – especially when it comes to the color with which you paint the rooms. A freshly painted room radiates a positive mood and ultimately improves the aesthetics of your home. And choosing a color is not that easy because one hue differs from the other and certain hues fall into the hue "Not" Section regarding selection for most people. If you're not sure which shade to paint your home with, consider these expert tips that suggest the colors that should not be used in certain rooms.

Do not use white in the bathroom

White is increasingly becoming one of the most popular colors people use to paint their bathrooms. However, the sparkling look of this brand only lasts a short time before you notice stains on these white walls. Most bathrooms are probably the dirtiest rooms in the house, and it's not just the smartest option to paint them white!

Instead, dare to choose bold colors like orange or coral pink! According to experts, this allows you to be yourself and express your feelings "real colors".

Please don't use it in your office either

As more and more people are now working remotely, many people want a comfortable office in their home. And you should definitely avoid painting it in white, says Courtney Keene, who heads the company's operations MyRoofingPal. In her opinion, the white color often causes eye strain and can make you feel tired fairly quickly. And if you are working on a computer, this can be very difficult.

In addition, white environments often cause anxiety in people, apart from tiring quite quickly. If a room is painted white, it looks a little bigger. The shadows he creates destroy the whole purpose because it is box-shaped and lifeless. So avoid painting your home office white.

Say no to red in the bedroom

While red is a favorite color of many people, experts say it shouldn't have a place in the bedroom. The color is associated with a very strong emotional and physical reaction – and certainly not in a nice way.

The reason for this is the fact that our brain has been wired to respond viscerally to red because it is the same color as our blood. And that tells us right away that there is a danger that pumps the blood and increases the heartbeat. This is not the feeling you would like to have if you try to fall asleep after a hard day's work.