By | April 26, 2020
10 Reasons Your Bestie Is Ignoring You

You're being negative

Everyone has a little bit of pessimism at times, but the question is whether you are negative from time to time or all the time. Naturally, no one wants to spend time around someone who is constantly complaining or being negative.

Yes, friends are to be there during low times, but if being negative is your personality, people will move on.

Not Spending Money

When you're with friends, it's to be expected that you will spend some money. The big thing is whether you spend that money or not. Friends footing the bill from time to time is cool, but if you're rushing to the bathroom every time the bill comes or you leave your wallet or card behind on a regular basis, that's something else.

Remember that their money is as valuable as yours, so make sure you're footing the bill from time to time or splitting it up.

Making No Adjustments

Hanging out is cool, but decisions also play a significant role too. For example, say your friend invites you to a movie, but you decide to pick the movie and never ask for their opinion. This is bad because you're not considering their views or opinions and you're imposing your own choices on them.

If you're someone who never adjusts to your friends desires from activities to your own schedule, they're going to get frustrated.

Lack Of Trust, Manners, And Gratitude

The last three are a lack of trust, manners and gratitude.

Trust should come to no surprise. It is important and having that broken once or multiple times will damage a relationship. This can be as small as keeping secrets to larger things like breaking promises. All of this causes a strain and puts you into a position where you can't be trusted.

When it comes to manners it's common sense. When food is offered to you, you don’t take the entire thing. If you need their phone or something, you ask them permission to use it.

The last thing is gratitude which people can trip over. Gratitude is key because it shows that you appreciate their company. This can be conveyed in so many ways, but the easiest way is to say thank you more often.