By | April 14, 2020
25 great dating ideas to make your partner feel special

Cook your favorite dish together

Have fun in the kitchen. Make your favorite dish or bake a cake or biscuit together. If you can cook really well, prepare a 5-course meal together. Sounds like a delicious date!

Game night

Get some old board games or the card game. If you want to speed up your thoughts, a little chess game is perfect. You can also play your games with a little striptease!

Recreate your first date

No matter how much time passes, the first dates are always something special. Create them or pretend to meet for the first time. A little role-playing game is always fun and you can also bring it into the room!

Time to tell stories

Take out your favorite book and read it to your loved one. It is better to bring a romance novel with you. Try to discover a few lines that really mean for your partner. You can also try to distinguish some alternative endings to make things more interesting.

Visit an art museum

Museums are a great place to visit with your loved one if both are art lovers. Visit an art museum and try to understand the meaning of the pictures. After that, have a little coffee and don't forget to buy a souvenir.

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