By | April 14, 2020
25 great dating ideas to make your partner feel special

A wine tasting

You can take a tour of your local winery and enjoy some wine. A little wine can do wonders for both of you opening up to your partner. Take some wine home with you and you could be cozy.

Star gazing

This date idea is perfect for a cozy night in your home with a telescope. Lying under the starry sky makes up for a fantastic romantic dinner. A perfect romantic night to hear the song from Coldplay what does it say "You are a sky full of stars" And dedicate it to your partner!

A relaxing day in a spa

Have a little day of self-care with your loved one. They can be massaged, creating a romantic atmosphere with scented candles, some rose petals and body oils. It's time to hydrate, exfoliate, and have a relaxing date.

Watch a movie together

You don't have to spend money to watch a movie in a theater. Decorate the room with colored lights or candles, bring your favorite snacks and watch your favorite film together. Just Netflix and relax!

Concert night

Plan a concert with your partner. Choose your favorite band and dance to their songs at the concert. Listen to your favorite band and dance with your loved one.

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