By | April 14, 2020
18 stupid items for which you spend too much

greeting cards

When it comes to gifts, cards are also something that people spend too much on. In this case, greeting cards. Many people buy these things, but often people pay $ 5 or $ 8 cards just to give the cards the most elegant text and the most complicated designs.

The reality is that you are literally paying for a piece of paper with a little text. Yes, the design looks good, but it will be a short experience for people.

Combine this with a lack of competition as two companies control 90 percent of the gift card market and we see the rising prices that people will buy.

I don't know anything about you, but I don't think it's worth paying more and having the exact same experience.

Having lunch

Of course we need food in our bodies, but people often push themselves to the limit by eating out all the time. Sure, eating out once or twice a week is good, but bills can pile up if you get too used to it.

You better make your own lunches.


However, preparing your own lunch also has some disadvantages. Just because you wrap coffee doesn't mean you don't risk spending too much. If more food than organic or special is advertised, we may pay more for things that we don't always need.

Sure, organic fruits and vegetables are good, but you may find that you pay a lot more for them and don't feel much of a difference. Instead, stick to what you are used to. Take advantage of sales where you can, but read on. Many stores have offers like "Buy 2 for $ 4" If you know they originally charged $ 2 per item anyway.

The key is to be vigilant.