By | April 14, 2020
18 stupid items for which you spend too much

Gym membership

One of the most opaque and inconsistent prices is gym membership. In many cases, sign up for promotions that promise to charge you $ 10 a month. While receiving this discount, you will be charged a registration fee and an annual membership fee that will take effect in a few months.

The key to all of this is that while this price increases after a while, many people don't even use it. To statisticbrain.com67 percent of Americans who go to a gym rarely use them.

In the end, most of those who use these memberships spend about $ 60 a month and throw away a good portion of it without showing anything.

External storage

For those of us who have a little storage space in their homes, one solution is to get an external storage unit. The only downside is that years or decades later, monthly storage costs can add up.

How many of these monthly fees can we forget these costs. We are moving to new apartments and continue to use the same storage provider. This can be inconvenient as we can travel long distances to this place every time you have to hand in something.

If you use these, it's nice to have a short term, but look for a larger apartment or an alternative storage space.


Shipping is one of those costs that come out of the blue. If you plan ahead, this is appropriate. However, if you request something at the last minute, you may pay a lot more for shipping. This is the case across the board. Even large companies like Amazon and eBay charge excessive shipping costs if you are in a hurry.

Bottled water

We should never pay a single cent for bottled water, and yet we are. Because water is so necessary in our lives, we can find it literally anywhere. There are public water sources, sinks in every public place we go, and much more.

There should be no reason for us to pay for bottled water as it is no different from water from other sources. Do yourself a favor and buy a temperature-controlled metal bottle and refill it whenever you can.


While there is nothing wrong with paying for a friend, family member, or partner for things, we often try to impress that person that we can go overboard. What turns out to be a moderate price gift pays something that costs a few hundred dollars.

The point is, people don't always need it. Sure, people may appreciate the fact that you have something good, but it always goes back to thinking. In addition, you would like to integrate your own knowledge into the matter.

For example, those who are not familiar with wine often use price as a determinant of quality. This is not always the case, as you can see on the mattresses, but so is wine.

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