By | April 14, 2020
18 stupid items for which you spend too much


As mentioned above, you don't always want to choose the most expensive item. It is important that you pay attention to what is behind a price tag. A good example of this is mattresses. You will find that mattress prices vary widely. Some will be very cheap, while others can count in the thousands.

Why this happens depends on the material you use and how it should help you sleep better. More importantly, however, the prices are too high due to the point of sale of the mattress.

Every product we buy goes through a chain. There are other companies, manufacturers and intermediaries who are increasing the price to cover the costs. This causes the end buyer to pay for massive prices, all because they have gone to a particular mattress shop.

They also always loved the discounts and sales. Although in some cases people think that companies lose a little money, this is not always the case with mattresses. They often mark a price of, for example, $ 3,000 and sell it for $ 1,200. The reality is that the store would never have paid around $ 3,000 for this mattress. They probably paid less and sell it for what they originally bought.

Streaming services

When Netflix entered the scene, we thought we would get quite a bit. We see a huge group of films and TV series. But then other companies started to get involved.

These days you have Amazon Prime, Hulu and now there is Disney + too. Everyone has their own charm and for many people they get everything because each platform has its own unique content.

But the thing is, with all these streaming services, people often don't know how much money they spend each month. What's worse is that some of them pay for it and don't even use it too much.

So instead, take some time to cut subscriptions for things you don't use. You can save a surprising amount of money.


The value of clothing these days with designer pants that cost $ 70 or more can be absurd. And that's just a pair of pants. Do yourself a favor and consider going to thrift stores. You can get a full wardrobe there for less than $ 100. Combine this with discounts that are constantly being introduced. It's easy enough to go into those stores and save more and get more.

Internet services

We all know internet companies and their package deals. At this point, they seem like a good idea. But it only takes a few months or a year and you will start to see price increases without realizing it.

In many cases, this is due to the wear of the promotion or the change in the billing structure to the point where you pay twice as much as before.

During this time, call your provider and look for another payment plan that suits you. Switch to another company. If you are not the type who can bargain well, my suggestion should be considered Billcutterz. It is a company that calls to negotiate a new agreement on your behalf.

Hotel stays

Based on mattresses, hotel stays are required in certain situations when traveling. The point is that they can also be minefields and depending on where you go they can charge you all kinds of things.

Consider some of the high end hotels. You can pay all kinds of other fees even if you have not used these special services. But the slap in the face is that you only sleep a couple of nights and that's it. That it is not worth it.

Fortunately with websites like y lastminute.comHere you will find excellent hotels at reduced prices. You can also use hotels with loyalty programs that help you save more in the long run.

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