18 stupid items for which you spend too much

People are always on the same stage. They just paid their last credit card bill and got another one that was more or less the same.

Only when you look at the specific fees that are charged do you realize that the small payments that you make day after day accumulate over time. For many people, it is something that we only recognize when we pick up the bill and look at it. It doesn't help much either that they don't realize that the money will disappear by then.

To help you with that, we want to cover some of the things that are stupid but can push up your bills without you even noticing. This list will help you better understand your spending habits and save you money by reducing that spending.

International telephone charges

We all love traveling abroad to a certain point, but one aspect is the different tariffs that travel brings. Every time you shop with your credit card, companies like Visa and MasterCard receive a 1 percent fee for every transaction abroad.

To make matters worse, some banks add an additional 1-3 percent. And if you think you can mitigate this by withdrawing cash from an ATM, think again. There is also a small withdrawal fee.

Telephone charges are also charged at the same destination. These come in the form of roaming fees based on all sorts of things. You can charge a fee for every photo you take when you're not connected to Wi-Fi or for a call you make outside of the country.

This can increase bills significantly, depending on what you do. However, there are some ways to save money here. You can restrict your calls or stick to platforms like Skype, FaceTime or Facebook's video call and take fewer photos. Or you can ask your mobile operator for reduced phone packages with international charges.

Credit cards are also available no related foreign transaction fees. Take a look and you will find many options.

Car insurance

Buying car insurance is a nightmare for many. So when people find a good package, they stay with this company with little care until the end of time. However, the point is that insurance prices fluctuate, so it is not always wise to stick to a plan for a long time.

It is recommended to take out insurance every two to four years. Many people believe that 15 to 30 minutes to get free quotes and switch insurers can save over $ 200 a year.

About insurance

What is worse than expensive car insurance? Get insurance coverage for things you don't need. Insurance companies play with our fears, and this tactic makes people panic and pay for things they don't need.

Not only that, but many people are uninformed when it comes to insurance. To InsuranceQuotesAbout 84 percent of Americans don't ask about basic discounts. These discounts can save you hundreds of dollars every year because they offer discounts for many things that people are already doing.

Everything that is paid automatically

As more and more companies switch to subscription-based pricing, automatic payment services have emerged. These are convenient because you pay once and your card is then charged every month or year without hesitation.

Of course it has its advantages. The fact that you can configure it with no worries makes it easy and you don't have to worry. But it also creates complacency.

The point is, if they don't remind you every month or year that you pay for it, the additional and questionable fees are overlooked. There is also a risk of overdraft fees being charged each time your balance is too low.

Choosing the cheapest options

That sounds contradictory, but sometimes it can cost you more to get cheap. The thing is, if you buy $ 20 headphones or a $ 5 umbrella, it's not economical. Yes, it's cheap, but if they're that cheap you'll find that they don't last long.

Being economical doesn't mean getting the cheapest. The aim is to get the greatest possible benefit. If you know that this element is used frequently, you want it to last. This means not getting cheap, but not paying for an arm or leg. I would suggest going for the medium price item.