By | April 13, 2020
17 DIY projects that, according to home improvement experts, you shouldn't tackle

Planning house maintenance is really an exciting and challenging task, but at the same time expensive. A simple plumbing job like a leak repair or a fallen gutter alone can cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, especially if you ignore the problem for far too long. So it is not really surprising that more and more homeowners are choosing to do repairs themselves as DIY projects. This not only saves you a lot of money, but also makes you proud to complete a project.

The topic? In many cases, it can also backfire if you take care of the seemingly simple repairs at home! We spoke to some of the best home improvement experts and listed some of the repairs you shouldn't try to do yourself.

Repair your sanitary installations

While most of us can fix a simple leak in the sink or solve a problem with the toilet running, it's definitely not a good idea to tear down and rebuild the entire bathroom yourself if you want to do it yourself. According to a top handyman professional, it is not a good idea for someone who is not an expert to mess around with the wires and cables in your bathroom. And if you really believe you can do it, Scott says it's nothing short of a health risk as there is a possibility of flooding and electric shock. Beware!

Remove broken paint

It certainly doesn't sound like a bad idea to remove the tiny piece of chipped paint that you just noticed on the baseboards, but it can definitely be a health hazard if you don't pay attention. If your property was built before 1978 – and even most of it was remodeled – there is more than a good chance that the chipped paint that you thought was harmless would actually contain lead, which is a deadly substance if you were on End up somehow inhale or ingest it.

According to experts, leaded paint can pose serious health risks and preventive measures should be taken before handling such broken paint. According to Mark Scott, who runs, a specialist who is trained in handling leaded paint should be your point of contact Mark IV Builders, Inc.

Install a new light

When we look at the ads and online tutorials, there doesn't seem to be anything easier than installing new lights in this world. However, there are certain risks associated with the process that you should be aware of before trying to tinker yourself.

For example, there is a high possibility that even if you turned off the lights before installing the new device, there may still be power lines that could result in electric shock. It is therefore always a better idea to have a specialist install the new luminaire than to try to build it yourself.

Trying to fix the roof shingles

You are not alone if you thought it would be no big deal if you repaired the missing shingles yourself. However, if you try and fail because of this, you can significantly damage the interior of your home. According to Andrew Walton, a DIY project that goes wrong can cause leaks in the attic of your home, water will not run into the gutter, and will also affect any kind of manufacturer's warranty that you may have.

Handling electrical components

While it may seem an easy task for you to remove a junction box or outlet yourself, hiring a professional electrician to do it for you would be a good idea. Aside from licensing and location-based approvals, a professional electrician knows what to remove and what not. On the other hand, you don't!

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