13 Super Caros Vehículos Utilitarios Deportivos que probablemente nunca tendrás

Karlmann King – $2 million

If you thought that last one was sweet, check out this bad boy, which will set you back a cool $2 million. Yep, two big ones.

The Karlmann King may look like an SUV that just escaped a MArvel comic strip, but nope, it’s the real deal. It sits on a Ford F-550 chassis, meaning it’s big and strong enough to carry the 13,000 pounds that this hefty number weighs. Ford do this kind of thing right, you see. With all that weight though comes a little drawback: max speed of only 87 mph. Fine for on road pursuits, of course, but a little disappointing for such a luxury production.

Inside though, nothing disappoints, it’s all prince and princess luxury. You can seat the godarm king, queen and all their friends in here too, as it can seat up to seven – yes SEVEN – passengers. Of course, there’s a retractable TV, a fridge, some pop out tables to balance your champagne flutes, and an inbuilt coffee machine. Sweet!

Dartz Prombron Black Russian – Price Unknown

This one’s so nice we can’t even put a price on it. We do know, however, that other similar models have sold for well upwards of a million dollars, so this should probably clock in at around the same if not twice as much. After all, this very Russian looking model boasts an 8.1-liter diesel producing 450 horsepower and a hefty 627 pound-feet of torque. It sits on 22-inch bullet-proof wheels, in case you get up to any Russian gangster activity – of course this is the kind of thing you’d use as an inconspicuous getaway car, right? Well if you do end up getting chased by gun-wielding police or other gangsters, at least it also has bulletproof windows, and super unique underbody protection.

Bentley Dominator – Price Unknown

Way back in 1994, Bentley made this beauty and it ended up costing them somewhere in the region of $4.6 million. It was the car manufacturer’s first ever SUV build that was made specifically for the Sultan of Brunei. We’re not making this up, he had it commissioned just for him. You know how many were made?

Only SIX.

That means each one comes in at something like $700k – but that’s if you use the prices of two and a half decades ago. Accounting for inflation, that would now make them worth… a lot. Let’s just say only God knows how much these things would fetch on the market nowadays. The Dominator is made on a classic Range Rover chassis and it actually played a big part in keeping the company out of bankruptcy at the time.

God bless you, Mr Sultan of Brunei.