13 Super Caros Vehículos Utilitarios Deportivos que probablemente nunca tendrás

Bowler EXR-S – $225,000

The Bowler EXR-S probably looks familiar to you, and yes you guessed it: it’s based on a Land Rover. Don’t let this fool you, though, it’s still a luxury car you could only dream of owning. While its design origins sit within the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, this beaut includes a roll cage, heated mirrors, dual zone climate control, and even state of the art Bluetooth connectivity for all the modern devices you can handle.

Take a look under the hood and you’ll find an impressive supercharged 5.0-liter V8 which pumps out 550 horsepower. That’s plenty. In fact, it’s sufficient to shoot this SUV up to 60mph in a smidgen over 4 seconds. At “only” $225,000 brand new off the forecourt, this little stunner seems like a bargain. Amirite?

Rhino GX – $229,000

The Rhino GX may look like a tank on wheels but its tough exterior is all a ruse: inside you still get the deluxe interior you’d associate with a top of the range model. Open one of its huge, bank-vault doors and you’ll be stunned by the beauty of the inside of the Rhino.

This is one of the luxury SUV models that sits on a Ford platform. But again, don’t let that fool you. This is anything but ordinary. The F-450 Super Duty Chassis may not appear as luxurious as some of the other SUVs listed here, but its power is immense, clocking in with a 6.7-liter diesel V8 or 6.8-liter gasoline V10. Of course, the four-wheel drive comes as standard in this expensive automobile.