By | April 13, 2020
13 Negative Body Image Sayings To Avoid

"It's My Fault I'm This Way"

Yes, our own eating habits and lack of exercise can lead us to gaining weight, but the reality is that saying that isn't going to change us. Some people may see this as a way to keep themselves accountable, but it can actually lead to more mental health issues.

Do yourself a favor and find some other ways to stay motivated.

"I Don’t Look Good In Tank Tops"

Tank tops, sports bras, t-shirts, any article of clothes will do for this negative phrase. The thing is when you tell yourself those things, the more that’ll change your view of that item. There’ll be a point where you won’t be able to see yourself wearing that article of clothing.

Why? Because wearing it will make you feel bad or you’ll begin to drag yourself down about it.

This all comes back to how you are wording your phrases as usual. What your mind believes will align with everything else. So start telling yourself you're looking good in certain outfits.

"That Person Is Better Looking Than Me"

As soon as you start comparing, you're losing. It's the biggest mistake to be making around. Why? Because the person you're comparing yourself to is not you.

And while that's obvious, the thing is that all of our bodies are different. How we lose weight, where our weight accumulates to, everything about our bodies is different. You're basically comparing an apple to an orange at this point.

My suggestion is that if you need to compare, compare who you are now with who you were. If you are working on weight loss, note the progress you have made. And if you haven’t done that much, look at other areas like performance of exercises or the habits that you’re building.