By | April 14, 2020
10 signs that your chemistry is real

Take more time to get ready

While there is an idea that girls take longer to prepare than men, there could be a reason. This is true for both genders, of course, but if we feel that we need a little more time than usual to prepare, this is a sign that you want to impress this person. It's not bad at all as long as they do the same for you.


Daydreaming is another great aspect of relationships, but it can be expanded a little. Especially if your mind doesn't stop wandering. If you think about it regularly, this is a good sign that it is.

Change of voice

An investigation showsBecause when people have good chemistry, they instinctively change their tone. A good comparison is to pay attention to how you or your partner talk to others. Nobody can hide that.

No strange wink

Winking over the years had a kind of bad reputation, but when they meet, they're often considered playful or cute. The point is that in this case the blink of an eye when speaking can be natural. And if you both like it, everything will be fine.

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