10 signs that your chemistry is real

One of the best dating sensations is when you go out with someone and feel a spark. A jerk in your body indicates that you could be "the right one". While it may not be what you thought was real, many people call it chemistry or sexual tension.

To distinguish between the two, we'll talk about other signs that might suggest that you have good chemistry together. These signs are based on neurologist findings and are therefore accurate and reliable.

But before you get involved, remember that it's okay if you don't feel that jerk right away. At the beginning of a relationship, long term or short term, you won't be sure. The first stages of a relationship determine whether you are attracted to each other or not.

So keep that in mind when considering these signs of solid chemistry.

Strong eye contact

While looking into people's eyes can suggest a variety of things, one of these suggestions is that you both have good chemistry. If you look someone in the eye and don't feel like you have to look away from them, it's clear that you're interested.

Subtle touches

A touch of the knee, brushing hands, any kind of light touch. It may not be obvious that it is an arm around your shoulder or holding hands, but at these moments you can imagine that you will be fine if the contact takes a little longer. This is a chemical signal when you feel this urge and you don't care that the person is in your personal area.

That feeling when you two are in the room

If you've been together for a long time, you may have a good idea of ​​how you feel when you're both in one room. But where to start experiencing chemistry is when the same emotions appear in crowded or public places. When you feel this attraction to the other person, it is clear that you know them.

Hugs and needs take longer than usual

We all have to adopt social norms when it comes to a friend, family or partner. While this is the case, we know there is chemistry if we don't mind going beyond the limits of this standard by hugging our partner. It is an even bigger signal if you press more than usual.

By extending hugs that last longer, there is also a desire to be closer for longer. Things like hesitation at the end of the appointment or standing at the front door for a while are important. If this happens, it is certainly a good chemistry if the other one is also delayed.